TransportBN: The Bruneian App For All Things Transportation

Driving the future with Brunei’s e-Solution to the growing transportation industry.

  • Review demerit points or appeal for suspended licenses.

  • Renew your driving license straight from the app.

  • The app also updates vehicle licenses in just a few taps.

As of 2018, Brunei Darussalam has had well over half a million registered vehicles on its roads. An impressive number considering the size of the country; but also one that will only keep rising.

While this may be a moment to celebrate the growing market, it also equates to a complicatedly growing system of registrations, licenses, charges, as well as the expenses and manpower needed to keep up.

This also means that analogue processes like physical forms and documents will eventually be outdated. Thankfully, there isn’t a thing to worry about, because there’s a mobile app just for that!

Registering for TransportBN

TransportBN is an e-Government initiative by the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunication (MTIC) that aims to wholly digitise the transportation industry in Brunei.

But before you download the app from your native app store, keep in mind that you’ll need an existing e-Darussalam account. If you haven’t registered for an account, or don’t exactly know how to, click here to check out our previous story!

Got your e-Darussalam account details settled? Then let’s jump right in!


What can you do on the app?

SiKAP: Demerits & Appeals

Starting from the top left we have SiKAP, a feature that reviews your demerit points, and if applicable, appeals to suspended licenses.

Select ‘Demerit Points’ or ‘Appeals’, fill in the necessary information, then click on ‘SEARCH’ once you’re done.

Renew your Driving License

Is your driving license expiring soon? How does renewing it now, straight from your phone sound?

After tapping on the ‘Driving License Renewal’ icon, give the terms and conditions a read and scroll down.

At the bottom of the page, tick the confirmation box and fill in your IC number, the renewal period, and the location of collection. Done? Click on ‘NEXT’ to complete the process.

Vehicle License Renewal

Can you renew your vehicle’s license on the app as well? Yes, you can!

Tap on the ‘Vehicle License Renewal’ icon and read the terms and conditions as you scroll down.


Other Features

Public Bus shows you information about Brunei’s public bus routes and stops.

Taxi will allow you to hail a nearby taxi and check its fares.

Publication will show a list of transport-related articles from MTIC’s website.

Flight Information will open up the ‘iFlyBrunei’ app, which is the official Brunei International Airport app.

E-Hailing opens the ‘Dart’ app which will allow you to book a ride from one of the many Dart drivers on the road.

Feedback & Enquiries will send you over to Talian Darussalam’s website, where you’ll be able to give your comments or feedback.

Where does this road lead us to?

The best case scenario for Brunei’s transportation industry is for it to have a full switch towards being completely digitised. This would mean paperless, fluid, and instant processes for both ends.

Before we fill our roads with self-driven vehicles and fully-autonomous transportation, we would need to modernise our infrastructure. Bah, it’s time we shifted gears.