Online Job Searching Made Easy for Graduates

Looking for jobs has never been simpler. Here’s a step-by-step guide that’ll show you how.

  • You’ll need an e-Darussalam account before accessing JobCentre.

  • Employers can easily put up advertisements on JobCentre.

  • JobCentre allows you to easily search for jobs over the Internet.

After all the years of persevering through early morning lectures and late night assignments, you’ve finally graduated from school! Now, you’re ready to take the first step towards your career, but, where do you start?

Fresh graduates today have the luxury of tapping into large reserves of information on the Internet, and that includes websites specifically for job searching.

JobCentre is Brunei’s answer to a more seamless and open platform for employers and job-seekers alike. In order to gain access to JobCentre, you would need to register for an e-Darussalam account first.

Not sure how? Don’t worry, we’ll show you!

Signing-up for an e-Darussalam account

Registering for an account:

1. Visit and click on “Register Now”.

2. Fill in your information in all required fields.

3. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email on how to activate your e-Darussalam account.


Activating your account:

1. Once you’ve registered, reach out to TD123 via:

WhatsApp Live Chat (+673 8333123) or Email (


2. Type out: “Activate my e-Darussalam account”, attach a clear photo of yourself holding up the front of your IC, and hit send!

TD123 will activate your account when these conditions are met:

  • Person in photo matches the photo on the IC

  • IC number and name must be visible


3. Once you’ve completed these steps, TD123 will email your e-Darussalam account and password to you.

After you’ve successfully registered for an e-Darussalam account, you’re one step closer to your future career!

JobCentre Brunei

1. After you’ve gotten your your e-Darussalam details settled, head over to JobCentre’s official website: 

2. Once you’ve reached the homepage, look to the top-right corner and click on “Job Seeker”.

3. The next step is to fill in all of the information in the appropriate spaces.

4. Done? Great! Now it’s time to search for your job! Back at the homepage, click on the search bar and type in the keywords of the job you’re looking for.

For this example, we’re searching for a business-centric job, so we’ll key-in “business”.

5. Scroll through the list of companies and job advertisements to find one that interests you. If there aren’t a lot in the list, or if nothing shows up, try searching with another keyword that relates to the job.

Once you do find one that catches your eye, click on it to see the overview and the scope of the job.

6. Think that this might be your job? Then apply for it! Click on the “Apply Now” button, or if provided, a link that the company has left for job applications.

This is where creating a resume beforehand comes in handy. Send them an email with your resume attached, and either wait for a reply or keep looking for other jobs that might be just down your alley.


So what comes next?

Bah! You’ve applied for your very first job. It may take a fair bit of time before a company gets back to you, and even so, it’s not always a 100% chance of getting a job on your first try.

Even if the company doesn’t respond, don’t be discouraged! Everyone always has room for improvement. Keep working on yourself, and who knows — opportunities are always around the corner, or in this case, a click away.

Speaking of improvement, isn’t it easier to look for jobs now? Thanks to the constant developments and improvements of technology, we don’t have to flip through heaps of newspapers, or run around looking for jobs anymore.

Take e-Darussalam and JobCentre for example. They are a part of the bigger e-Government blueprint in Brunei. An initiative to slowly transform the country’s infrastructure into a more instant and digital space.

Ready to be a part of something bigger? Bah! Join the BahDigital journey as we record and cover the updates in Brunei’s progress towards digitisation.