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Co-funding programme for the local MSMEs in the form of subsidised cost for any pre-approved digital solutions.

Infrastructure & Manpower Readiness

Building the foundations of a digital tomrrow and the thrilling anticipation of new digital innovations - by Bruneians, for Brunei.

Adoption of Digital Mobile Applications

Taking the leap forward, embracing technology to better the lives here in our nation.

Nurturing a Future-ready ICT Workforce

Utilize Brunei ICT Competency Framework and invest in Digital Upskilling Programmes to enhance your skills.

Development of Innovative Ecosystems

Unlock long-term business success with Brunei Innovation Lab as they aim to bring together digital champions and technopreneurs to develop a sustainable economy.

What are your aspirations for Brunei's Digital Economy?

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The digital transformation initiative begins here.

Read about the purpose of Digital Brunei, the scope of the Digital Economy and more details regarding the digital transformation of the nation.

Learn about the initiatives put forward by the Digital Economy Council, including the key flagship projects under the Smart Nation Platform.

A list of all the milestones achieved in the progress towards the Digital Economy masterplan.

What are your aspirations for Brunei's Digital Economy?

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Digital Economy Masterplan 2025

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