Building A Website for the Bruneian Entrepreneur

Create a website with any of these three platforms according to your skill level.

  • Your website can host the products, services and any important information about your business.

  • Not sure how to start? Wix is a friendly platform for beginners.

  • Create a beautiful and feature-rich website with Squarespace.

  • Explore endless possibilities with

Search for a well-known brand on Google, and more often than not you’ll find their website in the first few results. Websites act as a home for any brand, business or organisation that wants to host their content in one place, and if you have an e-Commerce business, you might already be looking into the possibility of having a website too! However, if you’re not convinced, here are some reasons why you should consider getting one.

No business is exactly the same as another, but whether you’re just starting out and wondering how to build a website, planning to expand or looking to upgrade your current website, we’ve got the solution for you!

The Beginner — Wix

Wix is a website building platform that has existed since 2005, and if you’re not familiar with creating your own website, Wix practically does the job for you. However, let’s lay out the pros and cons of the platform so you know what you’re getting into.


  • Incredibly easy to use.

  • Creating your website is free.

  • Choose a template from hundreds of options!

  • Add sections and available apps on the Wix’s App Market.

  • Great customer support!


  • You can’t change your theme after publishing.

  • Additional features such as blogging and payment options are limited.

  • The free plan does not allow you to host your own domain.

The Intermediate — Squarespace

Another incredibly popular choice for creating a website is Squarespace, which was launched in 2004 and described as the “all-in-one platform”. It’s similar to Wix, in that they provide the tools to help you build the website, but they can also host it for you with a monthly fee.


  • Useful user guide available when you sign up.

  • Beautiful, feature-rich templates.

  • Get your own domain name when you upgrade to their premium plan.

  • Add any e-Commerce store features with their monthly plan.

  • Great 24/7 customer support through their email!


  • No plugins available.

  • You’ll need basic coding knowledge for any add-on features and widgets.

The Expert —

Do you know your way around coding? Create a high-impact and professional-grade website with! This platform is suitable for those who are already familiar with building a website, and would like something that allows you to have more control over features, designs and details over your content.


  • Highly customisable.

  • Contains thousands of themes.

  • Has thousands of free and paid high-quality plugins.


  • A steep learning curve.

  • You’ll have to set up your own web hosting account and domain.

  • No customer support; however you can get a monthly maintenance plan, or go to a public forum to find communities that can answer your questions.

Make It Yours

At the end of the day, the most important part of having a website is owning a space that has your brand’s content, products and services, as well as how your customers can reach you. As the world continues to adapt itself to growing technological advancements, especially with a shift towards the digital thanks to COVID-19, it’s time businesses start looking for more ways to expand their reach.