BloodKad: Blood Donations Made Simple

Find out how this mobile app is streamlining blood donations in Brunei.

  • BloodKad is a mobile app that makes it easier for blood donors to donate.

  • It keeps your information, making it easier to donate the next time.

  • The app’s assessment will test if you are fit enough to donate blood.

Blood is undoubtedly the most invaluable resource that we, as humans, are able to produce — not in labs, but in our bodies. It is an absolute necessity in our modern healthcare system, so much so that hospitals in Brunei require an average of 15 units of blood a day, and an approximate of 15,000 units a year.

Though, there is still a large need for blood, and that need will only increase with each coming year.

Thinking of donating blood for a good cause? Then you’re at the right place! We’ll show you how you can start the process of donating blood today, straight from your phone!


Developed by Nextacloud Technologies, a Bruneian IT startup, BloodKad is a mobile app that allows for instant emergency notifications and a digitised process for donor registrations.

You can download the BloodKad app from your mobile device’s native store. Here’s a step-by-step guide on setting up an account to begin the blood donation process through the app!

Register for an account

When opening up the app for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a Login/Register page.

Click on the ‘Register’ tab and fill in all required fields.

After you’re done, click on the ‘Login’ tab, input your username, password, and pick a preferred language!

Registration form

After you’ve selected your language, a new page will appear.


Then, a registration form will appear, just tap on the ‘Register as Donor’ button and input your personal information!


Not ready to be a blood donor yet? There are a ton of other features for non-donors as well, so keep reading below to find out what they are!

Take a quick test

After completing the registration, you’ll enter the home page. Here you can tap on the ‘Donate Now’ button.

Only tap on the confirmation box at the bottom once you’ve read and agreed with the list of rules & regulations.

After clicking ‘Proceed’, the test will start. Take your time and answer truthfully!

Wait for your results

Once you’re done with the test, you’ll be sent back to the homepage.

Here you’ll be greeted by a ton of other features! Take your time to explore the page.

At the top of the homepage, the box in red, you’ll get a message that shows you the status of your donation.

If successful, you’re ready to head over to your pre-screening phase!

Now, you’ll just have to wait for a few working days for BloodKad to assess your test.

What comes next?

You’re almost ready to start donating blood!

Now, scroll down the homepage, and you’ll see an ‘Important Reminder’, tap on the proceed button to set an appointment with a nurse for your pre-screening assessment!

In the coming future, BloodKad will also be getting features such as Donation Centre and BloodKad Hive, so stay tuned!
For more information, check out BloodKad’s website!

Non-donor features

The BloodKad app also comes with a series of health tracking features! You can access these features on the homepage after you’ve created an account.

Track and regulate your blood pressure, body weight, height, and temperature by adding in your data in the right slots.

A new era for e-Health

BloodKad is taking big steps to further develop Brunei’s healthcare sector. The modernisation of traditional processes, in this case the process of registering for blood donors, can in turn bring greater comfort to the lives of the donors, staff, and even blood recipients.

Bah! Let’s work towards a digital Brunei Darussalam!