5 Apps to Track Your Health

Have a look at the possibilities of mobile health in the market.

  • Google Fit lets users track and reach fitness goals.

  • Sleep Monitor helps users track and monitor their sleep.

  • Headspace provides meditative guides for users to wind down.

  • Cronometer tracks and notes nutrition value of food intake.

  • CareClinic features tools and trackers for both users and caretakers.

The idea of keeping ourselves in good health is a fundamental principle, no matter what lifestyle we lead. It prevents us from being prone to illnesses, it helps us stay in good shape, it keeps our mental state pristine, and the list goes on.

But like most activities, in order to truly understand your health’s progress, you would need to keep a firm track of it!

Health Tracking Apps

The digital companion of the modern-day health enthusiast, they come in a variety of different forms and functions; some are catered to physical fitness, while others help users keep note on the nutrition levels of what they eat.

But as much as these apps are helpful, there is one slight issue. With an estimate of over 400,000 health-focused apps out in the market, which one should you use?

Here, we’ve compiled a list of varying apps that you need to download today!

1. Google Fit

Coming from the powerhouse conglomerate, one can only expect the same level of quality from Google Fit.

Designed to be a simple and minimal fitness application, the Google Fit sure looks the part, but as soon as you begin exploring the app, it opens up multiple features to diversify your fitness experience.

The app is free to download from all native app stores.


2. Sleep Monitor

Sleep is an inherent part of our daily lives, and plays a huge role in keeping our health at an optimum level. That’s why the second app on this list is an app built to track how, when, and well we sleep.

Sleep Monitor may seem overwhelming at a first glance. But commit some time to go through its wondrous features, from: tracking, noting, marking sleep habits, to setting a smart system of managing sleep, and you’ll find your sleep all the better for it.

The app is free to download on the Play Store, with a one-time payment for the Pro version.


3. Headspace

Another facet of being in good health comes with managing the faculty of our mental health. Here’s one, out of the many mental health apps that everyone should know about.

Headspace is an app that aims to bring stillness and calm to the user in almost any situation. With guided meditations to help users manage moments of panic and anxiety, track your progress with scores and milestones to help put you in the right headspace.

The app is free to download on all native stores.

4. Cronometer

They say, “You are what you eat”, so our point stands. Managing our food intake plays a crucial role in balancing a healthy lifestyle.

Cronometer is easy to pick up, with well-thought navigation to manage all your meals. The app also provides user-friendly charts that track your calorie, nutrition, and targets. Keeping tabs on your intake has never been so simple!

The app is free to download on all native stores, with access to the website and forums for comprehensive video guides.

5. CareClinic

Sometimes, analogue methods of keeping track of your health can be a very mundane and troublesome task, but no longer. Digital apps now allow users to simultaneously manage all necessary and important information in one single app.

CareClinic is the fifth and last app on our list, built on the concept that almost everything done in a clinic can be done digitally, all in a single app.

“CareClinic simplifies preventive and proactive care management for you and your caregivers.”

The app features real-time tracking and managing of data for you and your assigned caregivers. Here, you’ll be able to set reminders, goals, reports, all in a single library for easier referencing.

The app is free to download on all native stores.

The Future of Healthcare…

Where levels of information can be achieved clearly, privately, and instantly.

… Is in Apps.

We are on the horizon of a digital revolution, a time where almost every traditional process can be done efficiently through individual apps.

Healthcare in Brunei is one industry that has seen a skyrocket in its progress to digitising health, with BRU-HIMS, a system designed for the public to keep track of their health records, and BloodKad, a mobile app that aims to streamline blood donations in Brunei.

The possibilities are endless, and we’re only beginning to scrape it’s surface. Let’s see where this takes us!