Why is my Shipment Taking So Long to Arrive?

It has been months and your package still hasn’t arrived. Find out how Covid-19 is affecting international shipping around the world.

  • E-commerce has been heavily affected by Covid-19.

  • Strict regulations are slowing down workers.

  • Carrier and delivery services have been cramped.

Ever since the world was shaken by Covid-19, nations were forced to re-evaluate the procedures of major industries around the world, in order to further contain and minimise the health crisis.

One of the largest and most prominent industries to be affected by the pandemic was e-commerce. Regardless of whether the online shopping platform was small or big, they were not entirely safe from harm.

Although e-commerce platforms are still able to operate alongside the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines, their efficiency to perform has been reduced due to the strict number of hands allowed to work at a given moment.

In this case, your package may be in a long line of other packages that have been delayed as well. But, what comes next?

Land, Air, and Sea Traffic

After your package finishes its queue at the factory, it has to go through another line of queues to have it carried, shipped, or flown to you.

However, just like the e-commerce platforms, carrier and delivery companies have also been heavily affected by the pandemic.

Big time brands such as FedEx and DHL have been frequently releasing updates and press releases on the delays in shipment due to similar issues in health and safety regulations, but also because of the lack of international flights and cargo lines.

At this point, your package may very well be on its way to you. But how much longer would it take?

When will my package arrive?

In our current situation, there is no clear and definite answer. If your package has not arrived for quite some time, try sending them an email or call the appropriate customer service for enquiries on your delayed parcel.

If you’re still keen on receiving your parcel, or are planning to purchase something off e-commerce, make sure to double check on shipping updates or bans from your carrier services.

Also, remember that whatever you’re looking for might actually be available near you. You could always try sourcing for goods locally, which might actually end up being cheaper and quicker too!

We may be experiencing hiccups in today’s form of e-commerce, but tomorrow may be the day that your package finally arrives, or maybe tomorrow’s e-commerce may be quicker and more efficient than today’s.

Bah, let’s strive for tomorrow!