Tips for Upskilling Workers for the 4th Industrial Revolution

You’ll need to know these tips if you want to enter the next era!

  • Honing your writing and verbal skills, professionalism, and digital literacy as a start.

  • Understand the technicalities of what your job entails, start picking up workshops, in Brunei or online, for a better understanding of the scope.

  • Entrepreneurship is also a crucial part of the gig economy, allowing for more work with the creation of a new business model.

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), characterised as a complete overhaul of current-day technologies, is an event where entire landscapes, industries, and lives will be largely interconnected with each other through the Internet of Things.

Also known as the ‘Industry 4.0’, one of the revolution’s main beneficiaries will no doubt be gig economy workers.

This is attributed to the fact that all forms of businesses will join hands in the digital ecosystem of tomorrow, with new business models allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency in employing short contract-based employees or freelancers; by design this also gives gig workers a burgeoning market to explore.

Now, we know what gig workers can expect in the future, but the question now is, how are they going to prepare for it?

Upskilling for the 4th Industrial Revolution

#1. Building on Your Foundation

Just like the traditional job market, there are a number of skills that a gig worker would require in order to climb the ladder.

These come in three strong categories:

  • A strong control over spoken and written words. This may seem like a given, but many often overlook the fundamentals of day-to-day conversations. Brush up, hone, and pick up languages that can not only help you with your gigs, but also yourself in the long run!

  • Professionalism is always a great feat to have when working with clientele. This comes in the form of common etiquette, work management, and self presentation.

  • One last thing, a basic understanding of digital literacy. Being aligned with the upcoming growth of technology, the average person should know the basics around digital platforms. A good example from many others, would be the ability to search for accurate information through web browsers and search engines.

But, the basics won’t be enough, gig workers would have to focus on more technical skills, while also grasping a general idea of others.



#2. Technicalities

When it comes to working in the era of the 4IR, technical skills are rewarded highly. So, what better time than now to pick up on those technical skills, or hone on current ones, to ensure that you’re fully equipped and ready for the future!

Joining workshops 

Brunei is a home to a myriad of workshops and courses that can help you build up a more distinctive skill set for your portfolio.

If you’re looking to learn crafts such as personal and e-commerce branding, check out would be Benchlab! Or if you’ve been meaning to dabble in the art industry, give Creative Space Brunei a visit.

There’s a whole ton of other workshops you can find in and around Brunei, some that even provide certification such as UBD’s 14-week programme. So, keep your eyes open for any workshops that come your way!

Attending online workshops

A noteworthy mention of our times, the Internet has become a great place where users can easily attend workshops without the restrictions of time or geographic locations.

Websites like Coursera or Skillshare give lessons on just about any skill, so check out their exhaustive list of classes and workshops that best fits your fancy!



#3. Entrepreneurship in the Gig Economy

What differentiates an entrepreneur from a gig worker? At face value, they’re both chosen professions that strive to make profit. But did you also know that there is a dynamic relationship between the both of them?

A research conducted in the US learned that the rising popularity of flexibility-searching gig workers encourages a larger base of entrepreneurs to fit the gap. This new business model provides for a safer and more reliable entry into running businesses.

This trend isn’t just unique to the US, but one that is scalable to worldwide standards. If you’re interested in an in-depth look at entrepreneurship, check out DARe’s training workshops.

When is the 4th Industrial Revolution Actually Going to Happen?

With all this talk about the 4IR, it’s common to feel that nail-biting excitement of experiencing a digital landscape for ourselves.

But when is the era of wholly digitisation going to really be ushered in? What if we told you that it’s already here?

They say that when civilization enters a new era, the way we work changes. Have you been working from home, or even through a zoom call? It may sound like something small, or maybe even a means of curbing the further spread of the virus.

But we’re taking the small steps to reach a fully digitised work environment. Expect big changes very soon.

Bah, lakastah! Let’s prepare ourselves for the revolution!