Secure your Future with a Side Hustle

Who said that side hustles have to be hard?

  • It is good practice to research your company’s policy with second jobs.

  • Start researching and searching for gigs locally, or online.

  • Always have a steady goal in mind, and don’t let go of your primary job.

  • Side hustling could be an opportunity to lower unemployment rates.

If you’re reading this, it means that you’re keen on putting together a side hustle. A ‘side hustle’ is a form of employment, usually self-employment, on top of an already existing full-time job.

There are a plethora of reasons why someone would want to work a second job. Some would cite long-term plans, a goal for financial stability, or even as simple as extra cash to pocket.

But these goals aren’t just limited to Bruneians with full-time employment. With the results of a study done back in 2018 that showed an alarming rate of growth in Brunei’s unemployed introducing a culture of side hustles would ultimately cull that number.

So, here are ways that you can ‘hustle’ extra work, without feeling burnt out!

1. Assess Your Situation

Here are some pointers to help you prep before looking for that lucrative opportunity.

Understand what you want in a gig

One should always take into account all available options when looking for a second job, but focus more on the ones that work best for you; suitable skill sets, profit, and flexibility.

Workplace permission

If you’re already working a 9-to-5 job, it’s very important to check with your employer, or employee handbook, to see if it’s alright with picking up another job outside the workplace.

2. Getting into the Hustle

After you’re done assessing your situation, it’s time to start looking for a side hustle!

Look at what jobs are available around you

Start within Brunei and try finding out what’s the demand in the local market. If there’s a need for food delivery services, try your hand with GoMamam or manamakan. Have a car and some free time? You could also try driving for Dart, Brunei’s first e-hailing service.


Going digital

Perhaps try marketing your service or skill sets to a wider, larger, and international market, while staying at home! The key to that is going digital.

A famous example would be Fiverr, an online platform where users can sell or purchase goods and services, so if you have a unique skill set such as graphic design or a radio-worthy voice, Fiverr can be a goldmine of a side hustle!

Another good one would be Airbnb! An application where you’ll be able to rent your home to a likewise user market. Although the pandemic has stopped the influx of tourists, Airbnb is still a highly sought out option for local staycations.

3. Keeping the Ball Rolling

Keep a workable schedule

One major reason why people who work two jobs get burnt out easily is because of an unreasonably tight schedule. A good fix to that would be to reevaluate the flexibility and time between your jobs. Don’t juggle work, do it separately.

Don’t let go of your first job

Even if your side business begins to reel in a happy sum of money, don’t neglect your 9-to-5 job. A good secure job provides numerous worker benefits and a secure paycheck, so try to always keep conflict between jobs at a minimum.

Have a solid goal in mind

Always remember why you’re taking another job. As much as a larger spending pool sounds great, don’t forget your larger and further goals in mind.

A Hustle Is Only the Beginning

Getting together a side hustle, in the long term, would effectively make your future goals and dreams an easier one to achieve, and that’s just for you.

Imagine that the culture of side hustles were second nature to Bruneians, where freelancers and part-time workers were a common feat to see; one where side hustling makes for proper employment for all, allowing a majority of the unemployed to partake in the economy. A prosperous economy to put Brunei with the tops.

And it all began with a side hustle.

Bah, all dreams begin with an action. Lakastah!