Mindtrex Academy: Gamifying Education

The new way of learning is through playing games.

  • Mindtrex Academy is one of Brunei’s up-and-coming e-learning edtech platforms.

  • The app educates students through gamifying subjects and lessons.

  • A list of upcoming features show that Mindtrex Academy is keen on transforming education.

Games have been around for as long as time could tell. It is a form of activity that matches aspects of competition together with recreation and fun. That is a definition that hasn’t changed since the ancient Olympic Games, and it sure hasn’t changed in today’s time.

Gamification is the method of turning an activity which isn’t characteristically exciting into a compelling and engaging process through game-design principles, and is very often used today in the field of education.

But this poses a question: is it possible to gamify something as complex as education?

A study done by Growthengineering.co tells us that it is very much possible! According to the report, gamified learning, the development and implementation of game-like elements into education, boosts the production of dopamine—the hormone that assists in creating positive emotions, enabling the learner to progress at a faster and significantly healthier pace.

So, is the secret to creating a more fruitful learning environment… Video games? Let’s find out!

Mindtrex Academy

Mindtrex Academy’s journey began in 2015 from the archipelagos of Nusantara, Indonesia; shortly after finding success, they made their way to Brunei. Made up of a small but passionate team of 9, Mindtrex Academy is a mix of Big Data Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a suretested gamification system. The outcome? An automated learning platform that caters to Primary-Level subjects, with hopes of expanding into the other levels.

“We transform life through education.”

But, what makes Mindtrex Academy different from any other learning platform? With its approach towards e-learning, Mindtrex Academy offers parents and students the entryway into the future of education. A digital means to transport a student’s holistic journey into education.

The app, which is now available for download on the Google Play Store, contains highly individualised exercises and instructional videos for students to progress on their own levels and accord.

The app currently boasts curriculums such as Math, Science, English Language, Bahasa Melayu, and Melayu Islam Beraja, with comprehensive materials to help students prepare for their Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (PSR) examinations.

What if you or your child is already done with their PSR? Will older students be able to access the benefits of Mindtrex Academy?

Expect these upcoming features!

Higher educational levels and corporate training

Mindtrex Academy currently only supports Primary-Level education, but in the foreseeable future, be sure to expect full integration of higher educational levels for students. Even working adults may opt for tutorials and courses on corporate training!



A system that Mindtrex Academy has in its horizon. Leaderboards are a perfect brew between friendly competitions and self-knowledge betterment, allowing students of varying backgrounds to go toe-to-toe on subjects—and who knows, there might even be a prize!

Reward system

In a game, a common theme for completing objectives are bountiful rewards. Applying this theory to Mindtrex Academy helps create an incentive through merchant discounts and gifts, for students to make progress in and completing numerous milestones for their own personal development.

e-Education: One game at a time

Mindtrex Academy stands to show that the best methods for teaching don’t always have to be strict nor stern.


“A mission to provide solutions that can help boost exam results and encourage the practice of critical thinking as well as raising the academic level in Brunei.” – Mindtrex Academy’s mission statement

As we make the transition towards a digital Brunei, e-Education and its electronic resources are providing the next generation of learners and educators with newer solutions to age-old questions.

“A vision to bring about the change in education by utilising innovative technology as a means to deliver new and exciting solutions in the area of education to its targeted markets for Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia.” – Mindtrex Academy’s vision statement

Sharing the same sentiments as Mindtrex Academy, the change in education won’t happen in just one quick blink, it is a process that is dependent on the many facets of the nation.

A blueprint. A vision. Bah! Are you game?