Initiatives & Measures

The Road to A Smart Nation

The foundation for transforming Brunei Darussalam digitally is laid on these Flagship Projects, Upcoming Projects, and the Key Success Measures that define the reality of a Smart Nation.

The Flagship Projects

Three key flagships projects has been identified under the Smart Nation Platform by the Council which aims to support a seamless service delivery among government agencies, businesses and citizens.

National Information Hub (NIH)


Enables a secure sharing of data within the Government. The storage capacity and functionality of this Hub will be further improved with the current implementation of National Centralized Database (NCDB) infrastructure.


NIH Infrastructure has been launched in June 2021. To date, 6 agencies has been on board as Data Provider and 9 agencies as the main Data Users. By 2022, 3 more agencies will be expecting to be on board as Data Provider.

Digital Payment

Product Roadmap for Digital Payment

Allows the integration between multiple payments systems thus enabling consumers to make instant payments to anyone in the country.


The project has been initiated back in 2021 and the project implementation will start in Q3 2022. The instant payments across all participating local banks will be available at launch by Q4 2023.

Digital Identity

Product Roadmap for Digital Identity

This platform will be used to facilitate individuals to access different government services and will include the provision of a mobile application, or Government SuperApp. The usage of Blockchain technology as an infrastructure for Digital Identity, and as a core backbone for future public services is currently in discussion.


The project planning was initiated in Q4 2021 and aims to go live by 2022.

Ongoing Projects


Empowering Local MSMEs with Digital Solutions

Mobile Applications Adoption

Embracing technology to better the lives here in our nation.

Future-ready ICT Workforce

Paving the path and discovering possibilities for a digital career and future.

Innovative Ecosystems Development

For the dreamers and their pursuit for opportunities to build sustainable ventures.

Infrastructure and Manpower Readiness

Building the foundations of a digital tomorrow.

Upcoming Projects

DigiBiz Talk

Cashless Society

5G Commercial Launch

5G Upskilling Programme

TechInspire Apprenticeship Programme

Strategic Thrusts Feature

ICT Manpower Portal

ICT Manpower Survey

Coding with Smart Devices

Digital Upskilling Training Programme

Key Success Measures

A vibrant and sustainable economy

  • Increased contribution of the digital sector
    to GDP growth
  • Increased GDP generated from other
    economic sectors from digital transformation

A digital and future-ready society

  • Widespread use of ICT in major industries
  • Increased rate of Bruneians with access to
    broadband as a basic utility
  • Improved quality of life through inclusive
  • access to digital services
    Increased digital literacy rate among Bruneians

A digitally conductive ecosystem

  • Top 40 of International Telecommunications
    Union (ITU)

Digital Economy Masterplan 2025

Click the download button below to read the complete Digital Economy Masterplan 2025.