Explore the new features of BruHealth

How the BruHealth app continues to innovate e-Health in Brunei.

  • Enjoy new features in the BruHealth app, including booking appointments and online video consultations.

  • Take a look at the new changes in the app, made to accommodate the new situation in Brunei with regards to the pandemic.

The BruHealth app was an integral part of managing the COVID-19 pandemic in the nation, and even now, months since the first case, it has become part of our daily lives as things seemingly go back to normal. While the app was created in May as a contract tracing app, it has undergone a facelift with new features added to allow more user control and increased usability.

New Features

1. Make appointments with government health clinics and hospitals

You can now make appointments with any government health clinic and hospital through the BruHealth app! However, there are limited slots available — but you can still do walk-in appointments.

The appointments are not restricted to general practitioners, but are also applicable for allied health practitioners such as dieticians

2. Online video consultations

Perhaps one of the more outstanding new features is the ability to have online video consultations on the app. The online visits will primarily be used for follow-up consultations, as the Ministry of Health recommends the first consultation to be done face-to-face.

To access these two features, including online payment for appointments and consultations, you will have to verify your BN (BruHims) number.

3. Access online personal health records

After verifying your profile and medical records, you can access your personal health records from anywhere, any time.

You can verify your medical records and profile by either:

  • Logging in through your e-Darussalam account, or

  • Uploading your Identification Card (IC) through an in-app camera function

In addition to that, when you add the profiles of your family members into the app, the same features above will also be available to them on your phone with their respective passwords.

Other Changes

If you have logged in since the additional features were announced, you will also notice some visual and functionality changes in the app.

Formerly labeled as Nearby, and now features “Epidemic Updates”.

Contains previous features from Nearby, including medical resources, COVID-19 isolation centre, as well as flu and swabbing centres.

Previously known as Assess and contains the COVID-19 Assessment Tool. You can also view your BruHealth profile, and access your medical records and appointment bookings.

The features from under the Assess tab have been moved to “Self-Assessment” under “Epidemic Tools”. The Quarantine Monitoring and FAQ tabs have also been moved “Epidemic Tools”.

Improving Healthcare Infrastructure

The new BruHealth system will be rolled out in stages, and the Jubli Perak Sengkurong Health Centre has been designated as the first healthcare facility to use the features. By using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict infection rates and conduct medical resource mapping, the health industry as a whole will benefit through more effective planning and value-based care for patients. If you would like to find out more about the app, head over to their website for more details!

Bah, what features do you hope to see in the BruHealth app in the future? Let’s continue to take steps to make e-Health more seamless and accessible for everyone together!