Nurturing a Future-Ready ICT Workforce

Utilize Brunei ICT Competency Framework and invest in Digital Upskilling Programmes to enhance your skills.

One of the many things that the COVID-19 pandemic taught us was the power and versatility of remote work and digital systems - you can do work from anywhere; on the go, or from the comfort of your own home. However, people don’t become experts overnight - there is a need to train and develop skills in this field to enable them to make full use of it. As companies are always upgrading themselves, from paper to computer, there is a startling need for people to know how to operate digital systems, as with innovation also comes danger from those who misuse it.

If we are to keep up with the wave of digital and technological innovation all around the world, we will need to consider investing in our workforce to upskill themselves in the area of digitalization. There are softwares and programs as much as there is a need for them. One need for every business is someone to handle accounts - and cloud accounting systems ranging from the local Cendana Lite to eCorporate, which can help process large amounts of data, and make it simple - perfect for both accountants, as well as for MSMEs. During the pandemic, teachers all around the country were being taught new skills on how to use apps like Zoom, Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams to give a new teaching experience to their students.

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As the world evolves, we cannot just sit still - we must also adapt and improve. There is a lot that we can learn from each other. Those who are educated in the field of ICT must also continuously improve themselves with the latest systems and innovations, through conferences and networking to stay up-to-date, and bringing it back to their home office so they in turn can bring their expertise to the rest of their colleagues and departments.

So where does one start? Well, there are a lot of courses and workshops that require a quick Google search or Youtube tutorial - but no one hates it more when you spend so much time learning something, only to find out it was not relevant for the field you were interested in. Enter the Brunei ICT Industry Competency Framework (BIICF). It is a guidebook where you can find relevant ICT job roles in Brunei Darussalam and see what skills and competencies are needed for each specific ICT job role, the educational requirements, and a clear career progression roadmap to see where a certain position might take you.

Once your direction is clear, you will need to pick up the skills that actually make you qualified for those positions, and that’s where you’re in luck. In line with the digital movement, there are many places that offer courses, workshops, and upskilling programmes that will allow you to equip yourself with those proficiencies such as Digital Upskilling Programmes and the initiative held by the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI). It is with these workshops and classes that we hope to raise a skilled workforce of data analysts, cybersecurity experts and data scientists amongst others.

With remote work on the rise - the need to be in a physical office means that it is easier than ever to apply our skills internationally as well as locally - and with a growing need for those in the ICT industry, we will be able to compete together and learn even from those abroad. It is our hope that the people of Brunei will strive to become a skilled global workforce that is equipped to face the digital wave that is washing over the world, and remain proud of our national identity with talents that will remain relevant in this era.


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