Adoption of Digital Mobile Applications

Taking the leap forward, embracing technology to better the lives here in our nation

Chances are today you can’t live without your phone - and that’s because those familiar rounded squares called applications, or ‘apps’, are essential to our everyday life. WhatsApp is the communication tool in the 21st century, although there are many more used all over the world such as LINE, or Telegram and many people have been connected to their old school-mates, or out of touch relatives in other countries through the use of these apps. For the current generation, they cannot live without TikTok, or Instagram to connect with others, or to see what the latest trends are. The accessibility and sheer convenience of digital applications was showcased during the covid pandemic bringing our own local services to the fore.

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You may have encountered the situation where you’re stuck at a cashier, without money, and there’s a notice saying that the minimum to accept card payments is $20, and bank transfers may be a bit of a hassle to navigate (especially when entering those long pesky account numbers) - so why not use a digital payment app? Enter Pocket - which is precisely that. All it needs is a quick QR code scan, and it’s done. It also helps to keep track of your payments, which is a big thing considering the ease of paying for items with it, but also informs you of offers and deals, as well as allowing you to pay for your bills and utilities!


Even before the pandemic, physical stores were slowly shifting towards online platforms due to the sheer ease of access. Think about chains such as Zalora, or Uniqlo. At the tap of a finger, a customer can choose their personalized styles, read reviews from other satisfied customers, and even deals and promotions in real time! Here to compete with them is Brunei’s Thryffy. Thryffy is a digital marketplace where people can put their pre-loved clothing items up, with clear and open instructions on how to put it up for sale, it’s as simple as three easy steps!

Food Delivery Services

The most used services during the pandemic, which are even relevant now, are food delivery services, because we know how much Bruneians love their food. To match that, there are way more apps for this area than any others. Among others, you can choose from a variety of options like, Heydomo, Ta-pow!, or GoMamam. Think about it like getting a taxi for your food, complete with live tracking to see how long it will take your food to arrive, and in-app messaging to chat with your driver if you have any concerns.


Speaking of taxis, let’s talk about Dart. You might be wondering in a country like Brunei, what good would it do? Driving might be a chore - you may not feel like it - having to find parking in congested areas can be a frustrating ordeal. With a high number of Dart drivers nearby, you won’t have to wait long, and as with all online taxi services, payment is quick and easy, rather than the old times of rummaging through your wallet or purse to find the exact change to pay the taxi fare.


Now we’ve been talking a lot about the commercial side of things, but there is a whole other side of the spectrum - health, and community. Firstly, BloodKad - a blood donation app that assists its users in finding and booking slots for blood donation drives and centres. It also contains your donation history and has pre-screening briefings, allows you to check what blood type is the most in demand so you can do your part in spreading awareness to your friends and loved ones! Never has it been easier to do your part in saving a life.


Mengalinga is an app which also does that, but in a more day to day premise. It is our governments national center for volunteer work. There are awareness talks, networking events with like-minded people, links to NGOs and volunteering councils and of course, the latest news to allow people to quickly see where their help is needed. Always thought of committing to a good cause, but not sure where to start or who to contact? Now you can join, and be part of a wide-reaching community that is dedicated to serving and helping others!

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As you can see, there are many Bruneians that have taken the leap forward, embracing technology to better the lives here in our nation - so why not give them your support? After all, every great initiative starts with small steps!


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