3 E-Government Apps For Your Phone

Make some space on your phone for these e-Government apps.

  • One platform for everything COVID-19 related.

  • Price-check your grocery essentials!

  • Explore a huge library, plus the latest news on Brunei.

Mobile apps are some of the most heavily used platforms for our day-to-day life. Whether it’s for our health, work, or even entertainment, mobile applications have become a necessity.

With that said, here are three e-Government apps you need on your mobile phone today!

1. BruHealth

The pandemic brought with it plenty of changes, including the need to have a single platform for anything COVID-19 related in Brunei Darussalam. BruHealth is an app sanctioned by the Ministry of Health, and contains a number of features, such as:

  • The latest statistics and trends on the COVID-19 situation in Brunei and globally

  • A personal assessment code and self-assessment tool

  • A code to book your Friday prayer slot

  • Government press releases related to COVID-19 and FAQs

  • The activity tracer of confirmed cases in Brunei, and locations of clinics and hospitals

  • A QR code scan that allows uses to scan QR codes at locations that have applied for the BruHealth QR code

Why Get It?

Currently, most business premises, such as restaurants and sports facilities, as well as mosques, have applied for the QR code, so you will need the app to scan them in order to enter these places.

2. PenggunaBijak

The PenggunaBijak app was created by the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) and the E-Government National Center. It is a consumer app designed to help Bruneians compare the latest prices of selected daily necessities. Users can also receive special promotions and discounts!

The users can enjoy the app’s features, which include:

  • Comparing weekly prices of daily necessities submitted to JPKE voluntarily by businesses

  • Exploring current and upcoming sales activities in the country

  • Browsing through the showroom prices of JPKE-approved cars

Why Get it?

Shop smart and stay updated with the latest information from the app!


3. InfoDeptBN

The InfoDeptBn app, created by the E-Government National Center, is a platform built to house local news from Pelita Brunei, as well as any relevant information regarding the Information Department. It caters to an extensive library of information on Brunei.

The app’s features include:

  • The latest news from Pelita Brunei and ePaper, plus online articles updated daily

  • The biography and any related write-ups about His Majesty, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam

  • A gallery of photos taken by the official photographers of the Information Department

  • A collection of Titah, Sabda and speeches.

  • Publications released by the Information Department

  • Job vacancy advertisements

  • Videos posted on the GOV.BN Official Telegram channel

  • Prayer times

  • A public forum for users to post messages

Why Get It?

The app contains many useful features which can easily integrate with other aspects of life. Users can stay updated on any government-related news, find job vacancies, and even sync one’s phone to get notifications for the prayer times.



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